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We would like to welcome you to the Webre Family Website!  It is our hope that this  site becomes a place where all Webre family members from across the world will come together to share and trade  information.  We would  love to have pictures, and documents  to post here.  Anyone who has items they are willing to share with other family members  please email them to me at

This website is dedicated to the memory of Bessie Webre Theriot.  When the family lost their mother, Bessie took on the task of surrogate mother to all of the children who remained at home.  She was the only mother my father-in-law ever knew.  He was only 3 weeks old at the time of his mothers death.   Bessie adored her family, and would spend hours talking to my husband about her ancestors.  We know that she is looking down on this endeavor, with a smile on her face.

 Please let us hear from you about your side of the family, and again, Welcome !!


Are We Cajun? Are We Creole?

Webre's are Creole of German Descent.  Creoles are the children and descendants of European  parents  born in French or Spanish colonies during the colonial period
(before 1803); and are properly only those born within the limits of the original territory of Louisiana. continued



Family Tree

Our family tree consists of hundreds of members! If you don't see your family on it, contact me!


Visit Our Other Family Related Websites!

In addition to the Webre Family website, we sponsor four sites for the Louisiana Genweb. We have chosen to sponsor these sites for the Louisiana GenWeb Project because they are parishes where the Webre Family has ties.   These sites are strictly nonprofit .
St James Parish St John Parish Lafourche Parish St Charles Parish


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Dedicated to the memory of Bessie Webre Theriot
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